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Noise triggered stink emitter

A way to train human animals to be quiet
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An automatic scent sprayer the likes of which occupy public toilets, but which contains stink instead of perfume, and is triggered by noise. It is placed in the hallways of shared housing in order to train those bewildering people who were born lacking a self- awareness gland which would otherwise allow them to realise how much noise they make and how disturbing this can be to people sleeping nearby.

The stink is sprayed directly into their face. Also, it stings.

idris83, May 07 2011


       // lacking a self- awareness gland// It's not themselves of whom they are unaware, it's others.   

       The scent must be short-lasting, and not linger in the public space.
mouseposture, May 07 2011

       A skunk? Perhaps a trained skunk, or more worryingly a self-trained skunk who merely read the manual and then faked their resume......<at the point the orderlies came, with sedatives>
not_morrison_rm, May 07 2011

       Set it up beside a stink-triggered noise emitter and see who wins.
tatterdemalion, May 08 2011


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