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Odor Voder Collar

Dog collar the emits sound when cerain odors are detected.
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The world famous (soon to be) Odor Voder Collar can detect specific emmissions present with pet elimination and issue an audio alert.
Why, you ask? It is much easier to train a dog not to soil the carpet if you can catch them in the act. The problem solved by this OVC is that some dogs are smart (or devious) enough to try to hide their time of emmision from their owners, making the task of house breaking all the more difficult.
Zimmy, Jan 08 2007

Methane Detector http://rewci.com/nagasdewibab.html
a way to detect a chemical that causes odor. [Zimmy, Jan 08 2007]

Mechanical nose equal to a dogs. http://www.nzherald...5&objectid=10115623
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 10 2007]


       What technology would be used to detect the odors?
flynn, Jan 08 2007

       Jesus Christ.
Zimmy, Jan 09 2007

       He might have a good sense of smell, but would he fit onto the collar?
imaginality, Jan 09 2007

       The link you posted only works to detect natural gas, not other odors.
flynn, Jan 10 2007

       I had assumed methane would be present in sufficient quantities to trigger the alarm at the appropriate time. Perhaps I made an incorrect assumptions. I was trying to research it, but It's just more than I want to know about feces right now.   

       I did find out that methane has no odor, contrary to what I stated in the link.
Zimmy, Jan 10 2007


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