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Nomadic cabbages

Flocking in a cone-like fashion
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Why waste your time locating and harvesting foodstock when you could spend that time building all-terrain solar vehicles for cabbages?

Every cabbage (or alternative fruit of your preference, you pervert) is mounted on one of these solar vehicles, which move with the sun's rays. As the seasons change and the sun's rays beam asunder at an alternate angle, perhaps your cabbageroll will migrate ever further from home, but who can say?

Harvesting is merely a matter of shining a spotlight on their conterbation and guiding them in like Hollywood cattle.

4and20, May 04 2024

Like this Botanical_20Office_20Roombas
but with slightly more free will [4and20, May 04 2024]


       Aha! so you were that mysterious member of PETS I saw leaving after the other was boned, it was just their confinement to a small pokey office in service of people you objected to then? ;)
Skewed, May 04 2024

a1, May 04 2024

       What [1a] said.
Voice, May 04 2024


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