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Remote Control Sheep

Bringing in the Sheep by FM
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To reduce the need / improve the efficiency of sheepdogs, equip sheep (possibly other livestock) with mini radio receivers & earphones. [edit]

Whilst in training (i.e. with the aid of sheepdogs), various audio cues are broadcast by radio transmitter at the same time to enforce dog's encouragement. E.g. Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 6 in F major (Op. 68), AKA "The Pastoral Symphony's First movement at the start of the day or when it's time to return to their shed (or make their way to the abattoir).

Over time, the need for a sheepdog should be reduced as a Pavlovian response mechanism takes over; The farmer need only change the audio to instantaneously group-control his flock - and his sheepdog can be utilised elsewhere (e.g. training chickens).

Note: As many animals also use various vocal forms of communication (the bleats and baas of their young, for example.), the radio's audio is mixed with an external mic (also worn), which allows their own utterances and any ambient sounds to be clearly heard by the wearer.

Any similarity between this idea and the screenplay to "Soyent Green" is purely coincidental.

Dub, Sep 30 2009

Wiki: Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 6 in F major (Op. 68) http://en.wikipedia...y_No._6_(Beethoven)
[Dub, Sep 30 2009]

IMDB: Soylent Green Soyent Green
[Dub, Sep 30 2009]

Eliminate the sheep Urban_20Remote_20Herding_20Array
[normzone, Sep 30 2009]

Remote-control Sheepdog http://tvnz.co.nz/c...pecial-video-973280
Mouse-over and go to Chapter 2 [neutrinos_shadow, Sep 30 2009]

Secular Cantata BWV 208 (J.S.Bach) http://www.virtuals.../SafelyGrazePf.html
All's well ... [8th of 7, Sep 30 2009]

Condition Monitoring of Livestock http://www.strath.a...ojectpdfs/bn001.pdf
Lets modify these to steer sheep too! [Jinbish, Sep 30 2009]


       Ya know, I thought this might be a really good idea for St. Bernard dogs in the snowy mountains in Europe. Ne vous conviennent ?   

       Sadly many of the sheep dogs we have here are in cages, and they don't get any training for that.
blissmiss, Sep 30 2009

       in a very biblical fashion, you could put those fainting goats on the discovery channel in the herd.
CaptainClapper, Sep 30 2009

       At the end of the day, you could separate the sheep from the goats. Maybe from an armchair you call "the judgement seat"
CaptainClapper, Sep 30 2009

       [21 Quest] Well then, sheepdogs can spend more time doing that rather than moving 'em on (head'em up)   

       [CaptainClapper] Ah, that's the clever bit... the goats could be tuned in to a different station (sometimes playing the same thing, othertimes playing something different) e.g. you could play loud noises to make them faint... and without disturbing your neighbours' flock
Dub, Sep 30 2009

       Cheers [norm], nice, and pretty close!
Dub, Sep 30 2009

       //without disturbing your neighbor's flock//   

       or leading them astray?   

       I just want to see sheep with radio receiver antennae and earbud headphones.
CaptainClapper, Sep 30 2009

       Many years ago, there was a short documentary in NZ about a remote-control sheepdog. I've linked the video (sorry about the bad NZ ad at the beginning...) - it's Chapter 2 (the others are also good).
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 30 2009

       // .... protecting the flock. How do you do that.... //   

       When all is well, the broadcast music would of course be the Secular Cantata BWV 208 for piano solo by J.S.Bach. When the music stops, run for cover ........
8th of 7, Sep 30 2009

       There's lots of reasons to tag livestock with wireless devices... (linky)
Jinbish, Sep 30 2009

       //minor edits to aid clarity   

       [neutrinos_shadow] :( Won't play for me //documentry// sp. mockumentry?   

       [jinbish] yes, but they broadcast/or are passive - That said, one of those does look like a pair of headphones
Dub, Sep 30 2009


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