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eco system

simulate ecosystem to produce food and energy
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Build a fish pond, introduce edible fish into pond. Also introduce fast growing waterplants and water snails to maintain a healthy ecosystem in pond. Now use a battery operated low volume dc waterpump that are solar power charged to aerate pond and to filter out the sediments/ waste at the bottom of pond. Next step is to prepare soil for crop patches. Plant veg and grain on several patches. Use the waste sludge as mulching on the patches. Maintain water level of pond and irrigate crops out of pond. Now you have veggies, grain, fish. Introduce a few chicken for domestic use. Use the grain to feed the chicken as well as freshly cut waterplants. Use chicken manure to help as fertilizer for crops, as well as fodder for fish when mixed with grain. Introduce earthworms into crop bedding and apply chicken manure to bedding for worms to process. Fish can be fed with earthworms also. Now you have veggies, chicken, fish , grain. Use excess rotten plant material and manure to produce biogas. Now you have energy to cook as well...
novaris, Mar 03 2008

The Omnivore's Dilemma http://www.michaelpollan.com/omnivore.php
A good read, level-headed discussion of our current mega-farm system and its alternatives. [csea, Mar 03 2008]


       This sounds big. Do you know how much grain it takes to feed a chicken? (Actual question, because I don't know.) Most of this sounds baked as a catfish farm with some chickens. What is the unique new idea here?
MisterQED, Mar 03 2008

       It usually takes more grain in the first 4 weeks.In week No:6 Chickens are also ready for the market as free range because unlike some large chicken farms, this one can be as big as the system allows and these chickens dont ged fed with dessicated beef waste and their own dessicated meat as is the case with some large chicken farms.
novaris, Mar 03 2008

       Who will eat the meat of an animal that eats itself?
novaris, Mar 03 2008

       wow, you have invented the farm.....oh wait, nevermind.
jhomrighaus, Mar 03 2008

       // as big as the system allows // What's that in metres?   

       There are at least 2 sealed biospheres that I know of. Yours isn't sealed so a cat will get in and eat everything.
marklar, Mar 03 2008

       I don't like the idea that oxygen is a given.
A true simulation would require the production of oxygen from other compounds in the environment.

[EDIT]No, you're not allowed an Intelligent Designer.
coprocephalous, Mar 03 2008

       Sounds like a chapter from "The Omnivore's Dilemma." [link]
csea, Mar 03 2008

       Debacle is the word that comes to mind.
WcW, Mar 03 2008

       I'm trying to figure out how this is different from traditional farming techniques. And where the simulation fits in.
DrCurry, Mar 03 2008

       So, the invention is "start a smallholding"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 03 2008

       ...then keep adding things to the mix until you realize that we have quite a nice planet as it is. Nicer for having areas that we haven't "balanced" with a crude assortment of domesticated species.
WcW, Mar 03 2008

       The idea is that there is no waste or rubbish . Humanities designs/builds are fed back into the web as well, giving the total Ecosystem .   

       An old broken fridge is abit complex to use as a rock .
wjt, Mar 03 2008


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