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Look up your name at the library of congress Read books Consider taking action
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Look up your name at the library of congress Read books Consider taking action

This gives people something to talk about as well as a fresh source of guidance to their social function Thus at a party or visualizing life options with the personal allure of a horoscope People look up their names

If enough people did this or with a PDA app you could ask a person about various areas of content at a party, as this is something they know, even if just to say "well it ought to spelled Qb Er T since I like chemistry" or Future "have you actually looked up Fu Tu Re apparently its about building materials then a new category plus vision"

Tr is travel photography Eo is music N is art

Thus I get to ponder should I travel to photograph the works of Miro

Or maybe I could create photographs as marvelous as the works of Miro

beanangel, Feb 22 2009

Library of congress Are you a Pi Sc Es http://catalog.loc....DB=local&PAGE=First
[beanangel, Feb 22 2009]


       I understood this up the "L".
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 22 2009

       I can just imagine this being a real conversation starter at a party. How about "Du LL aS Dis Hwat er" as an opening line?
xenzag, Feb 22 2009

       I tried it with Be An An Ge L - but it didn't do anything except return an error message.
zen_tom, Feb 23 2009

       I first read this last night after a half bottle of a rather decent Fleurie.
I didn't understand the idea.
Now, several coffees and a good night's sleep later, I still don't understand it.
coprocephalous, Feb 23 2009

       It's a way of generating virtually random associations of ideas, isn't it? I don't think it's advocacy (because, so far as I know there's no controversy here in which to take sides), nor 'let's all' (because it would become, if anything, rather less effective if everyone did it).   

       So, OK, but it suggests a sort of self-induced ADD.
pertinax, Feb 23 2009


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