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Nomorewar computer game

Lure the generals and soldiers away
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Ok the main problem is that each side is defending or attacking for a reason, and if we sting the general with our mosquito turning him into a guy that only wants to give the second cheek as we read tonight in the Tishabove lamentations (9 Av fast day) theres going to be someone on the other side that will try to take advantage. So you must play this game against both sides simultaneously.

Every time someone is killed in this game you have to give the message in person to the bereaved family and be at the funeral. Every shot gives you hearing problems and war shock trauma. Your friends and wife show how they are sorry with you and encourage you to succeed.Ebery war incident that is cancelledgives you.a tour of the once DMZ that is now a nature reserve. You get to have fun either with extreme activities with a challenge or if you prefer, some intelectual callange.

pashute, Jul 17 2021

First_20Person_20Hugger_20Game [pertinax, Jul 18 2021]

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sninctown, Jul 17 2021

       I think the HB has explored this theme before - there was a proposed FPS feature where each death was to be announced with a personalised note, such as "he was the only one who watered the plants back at base". I can't find that one - maybe it belonged to a now- deleted account, but I've linked to a couple of other related ideas.   

       Also, Homer's Iliad does something like this, personalizing each foot-soldier as he is killed.   

pertinax, Jul 18 2021

       So programming in all the 'little' reasons propping up why a war continues so they can be solved first? Before the emotional, moral stop killing the global self one can even be looked at. Autoimmune disease at it's Earthly grandest.
wjt, Jul 18 2021

       I am reminded of the claim that the Nazi soldiers attacking Stalingrad were absolutely APPALLED that the Russians were base enough to use women soldiers (since Nazis held women in such high esteem?)...as the Nazis killed them anyway.
4and20, Jul 18 2021

       I didnt expect that from 8th. Fondly remembered. Looking at the tree hugger game i noticed it was familiar but had no recollection of reading or commenting on it. Am i going senile at the young age of 57?
pashute, Jul 19 2021


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