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pass the sprout

variation on a theme…
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…after trimming enough sprouts for a family of ten in order that there is more than enough sprouts that any sane member could really require of the blessed vegetable (and then more to stir fry for boxing day), I am left with a mountain of little hemispherical leaves. this is a party resource just begging for a little creativity rather than a quick walk to the compost heap.

so, wrap a small gift (expensive and/or cheap) in a layer of tissue or alternatively just a small piece of paper with a forfeit written on it. then, proceed to add layers and layers of sprout leaves. hold the thing together with a touch of light glue as you go, until you get fed up basically. then wrap the final product in silver foil or xmas paper to distinguish it from the real sprouts that you are about to cook. it would be really horrible to dish up the wrong pile of sprouts.

then on christmas day, play ‘pass the sprout’ in the traditional manner i.e. play some silly music and pass one sprout around until the music is stopped., the person holding the sprout peels off as many layers as they can before the music resumes… until the winner reveals the contents of the sprout or the forfeit.

po, Dec 23 2004


       Pass the oniony +
spiritualized, Dec 23 2004

       I'm so spiritualized by this. +
DesertFox, Dec 23 2004

       I'm not sure, Desmond. The last time I was peelable, it was Summer '02. 'Pass the Sunburn' just doesn't sound festive enough to these ears.
spiritualized, Dec 23 2004

       please, don't feed dogs sprouts! are you mad or do you have alien nasal cavities?
po, Dec 23 2004

       Why, what would happen to the dog?
Machiavelli, Dec 23 2004

       hold your nose, petal!
po, Dec 23 2004

       Oh. Ew.
Machiavelli, Dec 23 2004


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