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Non-wussie stuffed animals

a totem animal for the disney age...
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In many cultures a child is given a “patron animal” or “totem animal” who is the child’s protector and symbol of safety strength and power. Sometimes a small-carved version of the animal would be worn as a pendant or kept in the pocket of the child to remind them of the animal sprit that was keeping them safe.

Most people in my culture just give their kids stuffed dolls that don’t look like animals at all and are for the most part more cute that fierce, proud or wild. I’d like to create a line of stuffed animals that have either ancient or realistic countenances. They would have teeth (made of real animal teeth or perhaps a hard plastic) they would not be even a * little * cute the purpose of these cuddly, yet scary stuffed animals it to give a child a sense of confidence. Any kid who fell asleep with a stuffed bear with real claws and a set of big bear teeth would not need to fear things that went bump in the night. The bear would keep the kids nice and safe.

The animals would be region specific, you could only (generally) buy an animal that live/(lived) in your region. Some animals for the American market would include: grizzly bear, coyote, wolf, panther, wild dog, black bear, Polar bear, bobcat, fox and cougar

ADDENDUM: After thinking about this for a bit I wondered if animals like pigeons and squirrels would also work. I think the pigeon could work—but the squirrel seems to silly to be of much use in protection. It would be nice however to have more of the animals be ones that even urban children would see on a day to day basis…

Also, a fierce pigeon that could perch on my monitor to protect me at work would make be feel much safer...

futurebird, May 14 2002

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       One wolverine, one badger and one Tasmanian Devil, please. Stuff with broken glass.
phoenix, May 14 2002

       someone has *just* murdered two adult mountain gorillas and kidnapped a baby. I believe they have caught the culprits already thank goodness. I would dearly love one of these as my patron animal.
po, May 14 2002

       Give me a large White-tailed Deer Buck with hard plastic antlers and hooves, also with working tail.
indigo heretic, May 14 2002

       Someone oughtta arm those mountain gorillas with AK-47s, and teach them how to shoot poachers. Maybe afterwards they could get money for the pelts, I dunno.
Jeremi, May 15 2002

       I think that this is a good idea. I'm tired of all the cutesy stuffed animals...you know...the pink bunnies and stuff.
Feimi, Jun 18 2002

       My daughter has a rather nice cuddly mosquito (larger than life size, obviously) which she takes to bed.
hippo, Jun 18 2002

       All I need is a shaved cat, a pissed off Texas style cockroach, and a wringing wet medium size giraffe. Then I SWEAR I will learn how to juggle.
Mojo, Jun 18 2002

       Ain't there anyone who's heard of Meanie Babies? (Or something like that.) Lemme find a link...
polartomato, Jun 18 2002

       A fierce pigeon? Is there such a thing?

I like the idea though, and agree with your sentiments regarding the cartoonising (?) of everything these days. I always find David Attenborough's wildlife programs an excellent antidote to that sort of thing. Nature, red in tooth and claw.
DrBob, Jun 18 2002

       In stores at national parks and such these can be found. My favorite stuffed animal as a child was a rather realistic jaguar, don't remember where I got it though.
Malakh, Nov 29 2002

       Over the years, I have bought fluffy ponies, dolphins, sting-rays, tropical fish, and lobsters for my nearest and dearest, that all looked relatively realistic yet retained sufficient fluffy cuddliness to make it as gifts for children. (No teeth or claws, though, since those tend to fall foul of federal regulations for the under-3 set.)
DrCurry, Nov 29 2002


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