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Plush Magnetic Nucleons

Not to scale.
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Little round, plush toys that stick together by way of super-strong rare earth magnets stitched inside, near the surface. About the size of softball, maybe bigger. When squeezed, three hard lumps inside can be felt. If you try to stick more than about 82 together, the structure falls apart. Grey for neutrons, red for protons.

And don't try to stop it spinning.

Detly, Sep 11 2005

Plush Microbes http://www.vestalde...tle-retrovirus.html
"What's next? A line of plush molecules?" asks the blog's autor. Well, Joe, looks like we're way ahead of you. [jutta, Sep 12 2005]


       Blue, I thought.   

       But they'd be too far away to see.
Detly, Sep 11 2005

       I used to like the oldcleons but the nucleons are good too.   

       This would be disastrous. Grey + red = extremely ionising radiation!
pooduck, Sep 11 2005

       Transporting them may raise issues.
Detly, Sep 12 2005


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