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Unachieve closure!
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How many time have you been torn between the desire to allow strangers a glimpse of your unfinished basement, and the knowledge that riding commando is unhygienic and maybe sinful? For those of you straddling the horns of this dilemma, we at BUNGCO shed a tear. We can help!

Introducing None-derwear! These quality fleshtone silk undergarments have a lifelike print of barenaked gentle regions at the appropriate parts. The rendition is lifelike enough to distract police interrogating you and cause a stir below when you dance on the catwalk - yet your true private parts remain so.

bungston, Aug 26 2005

Like this? http://www.ebaumswo...om/japanskirts.html
[angel, Aug 26 2005]

Maybe a bit more like this... http://uk.news.yaho...0822/364/fq6bx.html
Sorry, no pics. You'll have to conjure up the images yourself. [junglefish, Aug 29 2005]

Uh oh, baked? http://www.athosdeo.../en/index.php?kat=5
Intergalactic? Whatever that means... [junglefish, Aug 29 2005]


       Hey Doc, those pictures don't seem to be of a real product. They are Photoshopped from two seperate images, and sloppily too.   

       See Image #1 and #4, where the seams and creases of the supposed prints overlap the purses in front of them. And that last one is just obvious.   

       It's too bad, too. The artists did a good job of lining up all the, ahem, parts, they just didn't bother to make a good edge around the fade...
junglefish, Aug 26 2005

       junglefish, I think you need to reread the caption on the photos.   

       edit: ah yes I see now what you mean.
dentworth, Aug 26 2005

       You are right, [junglefish]. A fake! But a fine fake.
bungston, Aug 26 2005

       Yes, a couple of them are very fine indeed! :)
junglefish, Aug 26 2005

       The angle of viewing would not always line up perfectly with the camera angle as it did, either.
They had me fooled until I read the other annos.
No need for tickets to Tokyo, then. It would have been worth the laughs the memory would always conjure up.
Zimmy, Aug 26 2005

       Once this would become widespread enough you could just stop using none-derwear and no one would know any better.   

       "I swear - that's not mine, I bought it at the store yesterday"
ixnaum, Aug 26 2005

       Hmm .. I like this more and more ... can I give multiple cruisants or something? :-)   

       ... Because this idea makes it easy to know which underwear is mine and which one is my wife's ...
ixnaum, Aug 26 2005

       Though to really shock people you could switch.
Worldgineer, Aug 27 2005

       switch wives?
benfrost, Aug 27 2005

       HAHA! I was waffling about bunning this, but [World]'s comment pushed me off the fence. [+]!
junglefish, Aug 29 2005

       Croissant for the phrase "barenaked gentle regions". Splendid.   

       Pity poor BUNGCO - spending all day pondering people with no nethergarb straddling horns would make anyone shed a tear.
friendlyfire, Aug 30 2005


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