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printed dirty underwear

Underwear that is pre-printed to look like it needs to be washed
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I see this mostly for college kids, or people who want to be left alone at the laundrymat. It would be regular white briefs, which are pre-printed with those embarrasing brown stripes, or stains. Maybe this would be a fun gag gift to give at a 50th birthday party. Practical side is that no-one would be able to tell when it happened for real...
480VAC, Mar 02 2009


       What a crappy idea.
blissmiss, Mar 02 2009

daseva, Mar 02 2009

       I can't believe that I give you a thumbs-up - (contingent) - for this notion. But, if you REALLY think that it could sell ... show us some of your planned stained underwear configuration archetype prints... Hey, we can't do ALL of your Dirty Work for you...   

       What scares me is: there IS a market for this "somewhere". (Hey, I might have bought this, once, maybe, in Grad school...)   

       (unde-Rorschach-wear?) [+]
Wily Peyote, Mar 02 2009

       skivvies with skid marks. I like it. And a good way to show your distain for prewashed jeans.   

       Oh, oh...How about combining this with edible underwear. Ya know, make it a real crap shoot.
colorclocks, Mar 03 2009

wagster, Mar 03 2009

       For even more discerning, stain-seeking customers: pants that come with sewn in 'sweetcorn-sequines'.. .urgh. ..sorry I'm taking this too far.
monojohnny, Mar 03 2009

       Well, I'm gonna sell the do-it-yourself kit.
daseva, Mar 03 2009

       oh why not +
Welcome to the halfbakery.
are you wearing a pair?
xandram, Mar 03 2009

       //oh why not//
requires more effort, ie: more "sniff tests" to see if the undies you're contemplating putting on are clean or not.[-]
FlyingToaster, Mar 03 2009

       hmmm, put the stains on the outside of the undies and make it look like they not only need a wash but that you are extending the wash time by wearing them inside out.   


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