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Nostril Auroral

Nose Lights
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Small luminescent rings that can be stuck in the end of the nostrils to, um, be unusual, fashion wise.
The Nostril Auroral displays auras of the wearer by determining the pulse rate of the vein on the upper lip through an instrament hidden cleverly in a nose ring.
Zimmy, Dec 13 2006

nostrilampus Nostrilampus
not the same, but close [xenzag, Dec 13 2006]


       Oddly enough, there are no good ideas under "fashion: nose".
blissmiss, Dec 13 2006

       Do people want aurorae that can be fitted nasally?
angel, Dec 13 2006

Whoops, there goes my small luminescent rings.
aye there's the rub.
tashlactica, Dec 13 2006

       you sneeze out of your nose, yet cover your mouth?
This idea was for the club scene, where no one sneezes (I think).
[angel], I wouldn't do it, but I wouldn't put in a tongue stud either.
Zimmy, Dec 13 2006

       + for you Zimmy - I like this
xenzag, Dec 13 2006

       [xenzag], I can't think of anything original anymore!
I am lame.....This Idea was going to be called Moodstache, but someone on the halfbakery did it in 2001. (I deleted a comment on the idea you linked to, as I have no Idea why I would have made that comment unless a previous anno was deleted).
(I hope).
Zimmy, Dec 13 2006

       All right mr. wise guy, you tell us what colour it should be!
zeno, Dec 13 2006

       [zeno], for you, right now? It would be a subdued Violet, I think.   

       I fear for how many other rude comments I have made towards a person that has destroyed their account now show up as me being rude towards an annotator who annotated just prior. Hell, I'm sure I look dumb enough half of the time anyway.
Zimmy, Dec 13 2006

       + I think it is very festive, esp. for the holidays.
xandram, Dec 13 2006

       I agree, [xandram]. One red, one green, with a slight sprinkling of (ahem) snow.
m_Al_com, Dec 13 2006

       I do not understand, were you rude to me [Zimmy]? If so please explain what your rudeness is exactly.'I'm not native english speaking so maybe I missed something or maybe I am just plain stjupid.
zeno, Dec 13 2006

       I think [Zimmy] missed your HHGG reference, just as he missed mine.
angel, Dec 13 2006

       [zeno], I saw a pretty rude comment I made on [xenzag]'s idea in the link that made no sense considering the idea and anno's. The only thing I could think of was that someone anno'd something at one time, but then deleted it later? I think in the future, I shouldn't make rude comments, or at least refer to whom it was directed, failing that.
I am tempted to re-read HHGG, as I did miss both references.
Zimmy, Dec 14 2006

       Deleteing anno's to make another look like an ass is kind of funny, as is this idea. +
Chefboyrbored, Dec 15 2006

       Ok [zimmy] I give you my bun if you promise not to stop being rude to me. And read those books, they're funny.
zeno, Dec 16 2006


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