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Not A Porn Mag Magazines

Now that I have your attention... ;-)
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I happen to have a few mates who subscribe to National Geographic, New Scientist, and one of them subscribes to a fishing weekly magazine. And for reasons best known to the 'cool clique' at school this is not normal, and my buddies become a source of ridicule because of it. It's not that this really matters, life just becomes a bit easier when they don't see anything objectionable about you.

What I propose is re-covered magazines, except showing sexy, scantily clad ladies for the guys and the latest pop hunk *shudders in horror* for the ladies on the cover. This will give my fellow lemmings the idea that I'm actually reading about James Blunt when in fact I'm quite happily reading about Hwang Woo-Suk.

froglet, Jun 02 2006

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       Won't your reactions to what you're reading give you away? Or maybe the lemmings don't have the necessary attention span to notice. Bun, anyway.
pertinax, Jun 02 2006

       And I bet that would sell like crazy in correctional facilities. Who would like to be caught reading Scientific American by their inmates?   

       P.S.: Hwang Woo-Suk?! Wake up! Biomedical research? That is so out, dude
PauloSargaco, Jun 02 2006

       And other people believing that you are reading about James Blunt is supposed to be 'non-objectional'? I would rather be caught reading 'animal farm monthly'.
HowardMarks, Jun 02 2006

       Baked... BBC Music magazine have had a sexy violinist on the front cover for the past three issues.   

       Still, this gets seven buns from me.
spiritualized, Jun 02 2006

       //And other people believing that you are reading about James Blunt is supposed to be 'non-objectional'? I would rather be caught reading 'animal farm monthly'.//   

       I must agree with you, [HowardMarks], but life becomes easier when you conform to their social construction of a teenage girl.   

       Recently, in reflection about my social equals, I have realised that with them I have nothing to be proud about. Just look at all the crap they've done. Times have come as such that I've been asked to leave shops, mainly because my peers have taken it upon themselves to nick stuff from the stores on the regular business and that they can no longer afford to lose stock.   

       A wonderful age we live in.
froglet, Jun 03 2006

       what [HowardMarks] said.   

       James Blunt is rhyming slang where I'm from.
neilp, Jun 03 2006

       So this is the opposite of the "grown-up" Harry Potter book covers then?   

       You could always just use the magazine within a magazine trick.   

       Is there an adults version with New Scientist on the Cover and Playboy inside?
hidden truths, Jun 03 2006

       In my adolescent years National Geographic magazines were the closest we could get to jazz-mags.
7ennyn, Jun 03 2006


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