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Mixed Papers

A mixture of your favorite newspapers
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Instead of just receiving one publication every day at your door step, there would be a website that you would go to and choose from a list of well known publications and choose individually which Front page you want, which sports section you want, business, arts etc...

For example, my mixed paper would look like this: NY Times front, Philadelphia Inquiere Sports Page, Wall Street Journal Business section...WHHAAAABAAAAAM. Best newspaper you have ever read, all for a relatively cheap price.

emr199, Feb 20 2009


       This would be most logically composed and read online.
vincevincevince, Feb 20 2009

       that could be done with rss
canoro, Feb 20 2009

       I like the idea - but can't help thinking it's been posted here already.
zen_tom, Feb 20 2009


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