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Nunchuck Microphones

Wireless microphones connected by a chain.
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Enter the Dragon. Your Journey style is no match for my Speedwagon style. When singing karaoke solo, sometimes you realize that there are others singing along with you in the audience, and they 're not only good, but their harmonizing would make your performance sound better. Don't leave them hanging. Whip out the chuckrophones!

This idea came from watching old video of Rick James. Talk about competent mic work! He would sing a verse, and then swap the mic from hand to hand. When a bridge or guitar solo came up, he would throw the mic by the cord, spin it around his body, wind it over his shoulder, and dance. When it was time for him to sing again, he would dance the mic back into action, it would unwind and be in his hands for the "Superfreak" part. Brilliant.

The Nunchuckrophones consist of two rugged wireless mics attached end-to-end by a chain. Singers would use one or the other, or both as they see fit during their songs. When they detect someone in the audience singing along, they can, with a quick flourish, provide them with one mic, while they sing into the other. If the crowd is singing well, they could swing the other mic in the air in a circle and get an awesome omnidirectional pickup pattern.

tourist, Nov 28 2005

"I need gopher chucks !" http://images.rotte...110958/photo_10.jpg
[normzone, Nov 28 2005, last modified Jul 11 2009]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rappin' Mike http://www.ninjatur...ys/1991/rapmike.htm
Action figure comes with "Mike's Microphone Nunchuku". [jutta, Nov 28 2005]

E-jutsu E-Jutsu
This guy beat ya too it. Sort of. [DesertFox, Nov 28 2005]


       And if the stage were to be overrun during a performance, the audience would be treated to the wonderful, aplified sound of the Nunchuckrophones solidly hitting people's faces in defence.
stestagg, Nov 28 2005

       Adding appropriately shaped baffles to the head of the microphone would allow a cool swishing noise to be heard when they are swung fast. Proper kung-fu sound effects!
Minimal, Nov 28 2005

       E-jutsu talks about stuff like this.
DesertFox, Nov 28 2005

       Or if people were hassling you, you could throw the other end to someone who is doing a much worse job and threaten the audiencethat you'll leave him to it if they don't get off your back.
PollyNo9, Nov 28 2005


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