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Pint Glass Microphone

Why cry in your beer when you can sing into it instead?
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Inspiration for the "Pint-Crophone" came about at Karaoke when I saw several random patrons bellowing into their pints (during a Journey song, of course). Some of these people show up each week, but never actually get up and sing. Others sing into their pints whilst waiting for their turn on the mic. It struck me that this was a serious waste of awesome karaoke rockin. The Pint-Crophone would strive to remedy this by retrofitting the bottom of a standard pint glass to contain a transducer mic and wireless transmitter. Mics would route into a standard mixer that the Karaoke DJ could adjust/mute accordingly. Would-be crooners could now sing into their beer and provide backing vocals on select songs ("Don't Stop Believin", "Bohemian Rhapsody", the woo-woos on "Sympathy for the Devil") where a bawdy choral element is prefered. Depending on the level of beer in the glass, a lovely warble distortion may occur and add even more character to the backing vocals (great for middle-period Beatles and 80's New Wave). Further refinements could include using a rim-mounted mic (for less distortion) or a hydrophone (for more distortion). Most die-hard karaoke fans, myself included, are also fantastic drunks, so bars could offer the Pint-Crophone option as a sort of premium for returning customers or beer-of-the-month club members. The pint-crophone system would have to be self-contained and removable, for cleanup purposes. You could stack them up for battery charging similar to those annoying vibrating table pagers that chain establishments fancy. Only these would be way cooler.
tourist, Oct 23 2005

Try searching first Drink_20microphone
It's been done [fridge duck, Oct 23 2005]


       The idea has been done before [fridge duck], but this is slightly different in that it is a way to mic up everyone and jump randomly from drunk singer to drunk singer.
wagster, Oct 23 2005

       I'd also like it if snippets of people's lonely monologues were broadcast over light background music, film noir style. It could jump round the pub in 60-second bursts. Also good for that 'their conversation is much more interesting than mine' effect.
rubyminky, Oct 25 2005


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