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Nutrition Receipt

Nutrition information for restaurant food
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Some folks count calories, some count fat grams, some count cholesterol, others count...well...other stuff I guess.

I've never had to track everything I eat, but it seems like it would be a difficult task when dining out to keep a running tab of the vital statistics of food consumed.

Proposed is an optional receipt which would, instead of or in addition to pricing information, contain the nutrition information of the meal. To use the example of fast food, the receipt would contain information for the food "as ordered", e.g. a burger with only ketchup or a triple cheese burger with extra mayonnaise, bacon and double extra cheese.

One would spend a fair amount of time copying down and interpolating information from the "Nutrition Information" poster (if you can find it) to keep an accurate accounting of such things. With the nutrition receipt, you can order, pay, then pop the requested receipt in to your wallet and take care of detailed logging at a more convenient time.

half, Aug 14 2003

"Nutricate Receipt" http://www.weightym...great-idea.html?m=1
[half, May 17 2021]


       good idea, but if your eating that you probably don't care about the nutrition value. (or don't want to know)
crispee, Aug 14 2003

       Maybe restaurants should accept purchase orders for a given amount of calories.
bristolz, Aug 14 2003

       I would like to be able to track my nutritional input in a program like MS Money or Excel. They should give you a receipt with a barcode that you can just scan into the computer and it will update your database.
DeathNinja, Aug 14 2003

       +1 just to make you feel good.   

       hey my wax-fruit+toast diet is making me feel sooo   

       you should be able to go into a restaurant and say - make mine 1000 kcal.
po, Aug 14 2003

       That would be about 300 grams of paraffin.
FarmerJohn, Aug 15 2003

       //Maybe restaurants should accept purchase orders for a given amount of calories//   

       As I was writing the idea, I envisioned a system wherein patrons could order a given dish or meal, give a calorie/fat limit and the restaurant would adjust portion sizes accordingly.
half, Aug 15 2003

       Yep. Doable...but not. Unless some premium pricing applied. Then people would balk at paying more to get less. So I didn't post it as a separate idea. Had I left it "poorly thought out" I might have posted it. So it goes with many ideas that never make it out of my head.
half, Aug 16 2003

       I would be happy if I could see all the ingredients gone into the dish.   

       I am wheat free and at restaurants I ask often about the ingredients and request wheat free food.   

       Last time I asked if that chicken with salad and rice was wheat free and waiter said yes so I ordered it. Once I got the meal it had two pieces of garlic bread on it as well! Same as giving same dish to a vegetarian and say that you don't need to eat the chicken.
Pellepeloton, Oct 12 2006

       For the wealthy, today, or for everyone, one day when robots feed everyone, this could include a snippet of code for one's personal dietician app
Voice, May 17 2021


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