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Restaurant charges for foods based on calorie counts
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This idea would tap into people's complex relationship to food, health, diets, guilt, etc... Have a restaurant that serves all manner of foods, from low-cal to indulgent, and the cost is always the same: one cent a calorie.

If you order steamed veggies and a turkey wrap, you get a nice healthy lunch for a good price, under 5 bucks.

If you want to indulge in a slice of cheesecake, pay 16.00 for it, and maybe the cost will help assuage your guilt.

I bet people would eat there, and order enough of the "bad" stuff to make the place money.

mimz, May 03 2007


       I think there should be supermarkets like this. You purchase "calories" for cash when you enter, and then you can "spend" them throughout the store based on package labels.
phundug, May 03 2007

       Well, the trouble with a store is that, really, it's not cost-effective for makers/sellers of low-cal items to make pennies on the dollar for their normal prices. I figured in a restaurant setting, especially with the right theme-y PR spin, it would all work out and the business as a whole would survive based on the novelty factor of paying 20 bucks for dessert.
mimz, May 03 2007

       I seem to recall a similar post to this, but can't find it. btw, there is a *restaurant* category.
Welcome to the halfbakery.
xandram, May 03 2007

       It will probably come as no surprise, but when you analyze the nutritional content of the food in a supermarket, the cheapest foods have the highest calorie content and lowest nutritional value. That's why our poor are getting so fat and unhealthy.   

       So, if you could find a way to make the "healthy" foods at the supermarket the cheapest ones, you would be doing the whole nation a favor.
DrCurry, May 03 2007

       // So, if you could find a way to make the "healthy" foods at the supermarket the cheapest ones, you would be doing the whole nation a favor.//   

       I like that spin, but turthully I feel guilty enough eating deserts why do I need to break my bank account as well? It will only add to my severe and unadulterated depression.   

       [+] Against my better (selfish) judgement.
ColonelMuffins, May 03 2007

       "How much is the lard sandwich?"
"Seventeen ninety nine"
"and the caviar?"
"Six eighty a pound"
"OK, give me two pounds of the caviar and a sack of truffles, please. Keep the change."
MaxwellBuchanan, May 03 2007

       This wouldn't be good for me...
BJS, May 03 2007


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