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Sleeve Switch Flashlight

Just give it a squeeze
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Most flashlights have the on/off switch in the tail or somewhere along the barrel. While either design certainly works, in an emergency there is often a certain amount of fumbling in the dark while one figures out where the flashlight is, how the thing is oriented, finds the switch and finally turns the damn thing on.

A rubber sleeve over the barrel with concealed pressure switch would make the light turn on when squeezed. The flashlight could be cradled in the hand without activating the light but squeeze it, instant light, no fumbling. And the traditional switch would offer the standard permanent 'on' function.

whatrock, Jan 30 2016


       I had hoped for a fleshlight, and the proposal makes as much sense for one of those.
Toto Anders, Jan 30 2016

       // fleshlight // A bio-luminescent condom?
whatrock, Jan 30 2016

       I was expecting the switch to be embedded in one's cufflinks.
pocmloc, Jan 30 2016


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