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OS Install Disk AutoBurn

Help users burn install CDs
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A few months ago, I went from Windows to a dual-boot Ubuntu Linux setup. When I downloaded the Ubuntu ISO, I realized that the stock burning software that came with my laptop didn't support burning ISOs. Luckily I had another computer with better burning software, so I used that. At the same time, I realized that A) Many computer users don't know what an ISO is, and don't know how to burn it, and B) Not everybody has software that's capable of burning disk images; most software included with CD burners requires the user to pay for an upgrade for that functionality.

My solution is this: Linux distribution makers (and other operating system distributors) can offer both the ISO and an executable file for various operating systems which will burn the image to a disk.

The executable would include a minimal ISO-burning application as well as a compressed copy of the disk image, and would decompress and burn the image automatically. This would greatly decrease the difficulty of installing a free operating system, and would be useful for users who are unable or don't know how to burn an ISO.
-----, Nov 05 2006

ISO RECORDER (Alex Feinman) http://isorecorder....com/isorecorder.htm
[kdmurray, Nov 06 2006]

911CD Forum http://www.911cd.ne...php?showtopic=18845
How the self-burning self-extracting scripts were born [jaclaz, Mar 12 2007]

boot-land http://www.boot-lan...rning-ISO-t628.html
Latest version of the self-burning self-extracting scripts and more info [jaclaz, Mar 12 2007]

CASBAH http://www.911cd.ne...php?showtopic=21123
Link to thread for latest version [jaclaz, Mar 01 2008]

CASBAH (alternate location) http://www.boot-lan...l-CASBAH-t4023.html
The "Homepage" of the small batch [jaclaz, Mar 01 2008]

CD selfburner http://www.boot-lan...ums/?showtopic=4398
GUI app if you need it. [jaclaz, May 24 2008]


       Look for something called 'RIP Linux'. (The acronym is for 'Recovery Is Possible'.) It's a very compact distro, and you can put it on a thumb drive - which can be made bootable. It contains software capable of burning ISOs, is free, fits comfortably on a 128Mb thumb, and acts as a live distro (no need to install or otherwise disturb the OS on the host machine). You just need to have a new enough BIOS to be capable of booting from the USB device.   

       Note: That's just one of several. Personally, I'd do Knoppix and a gig thumb - just because I'd then have an excuse to get the bigger thumb drive.
lurch, Nov 05 2006

       That's not what I'm talking about. I'm saying that OS's can be distributed as executables which automatically unpack and burn themselves. A person who doesn't know how to burn an ISO isn't going to install a distro to a thumbdrive.
-----, Nov 05 2006

       Are you sure that isn't backwards? Couldn't you say that a person who can't figure out how to burn an ISO (or find directions on how to make a thumbdrive bootable) is unlikely to be making a dual boot system with an OS they just downloaded? :)   

       I admit, I was looking at lack of suitable software rather than lack of knowledge.
lurch, Nov 05 2006

       I didn't say anything about dual-boot. And, why shouldn't we make it easier for people to try linux?
-----, Nov 06 2006

       As much as I realize your idea is a new ISO, or image format, there is a really easy way to deal with the current ISO's for Windows users. ISO recorder is a plugin for windows that allows you to right-click on an ISO and burn to disk from the context menu. No extra programs required.   

       I have to say that I agree with your idea completely. Anything that makes new technologies easier for the layperson to use is a good thing.
kdmurray, Nov 06 2006

       FYI, Something very like this idea has been devised (independently) and is now a working solution. Bennet at the 911CD forums asked for something like this, skewltec got the idea on how to make it, I did some small adjustments to the batches and found some alternative apps, then, thanks to a request from Captain Dan, the idea was "ported" to music CD's. Customizing the batch files (if needed) should not be a problem, if you need any help or have an idea for improvement, post on either of the two boards. (See links.)   

       Have fun :)
jaclaz, Mar 12 2007

       Just to keep things up-to-date, since the new version of IMGBURN allows for burning BOTH Audio and Data CD's (.iso files) a new batch has been developed, CASBAH, acronym for: Cd and AudioCd Self Burning Application Helper or, if you prefer, Cmd to Assemble a Self Burning Archive (A to G really sucked, H)
jaclaz, Mar 01 2008

       Seems like every OS i install wants to burn a bootable image disk so the computer doesn't go gimp if the instation fails. Consider: OS install wipes harddrive, Scratch causes fatal error in New OS instalation, computer now gimp. Your idea seems to be completely baked for MS and OSX. Did LintOS miss the memo on this one?
WcW, Mar 01 2008

       For those non-command-line oriented folks, there is now a small GUI app, CD selfburner. You can find it on boot-land.
jaclaz, May 24 2008


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