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p2p operating system

p2p operating system
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Why not "build in" p2p functionality into the OS (preferrably linux), thus enabling people to share the whole disksystem except the OS itself?. This would be useful for joining your computer to a very large network of other computers, giving you a lot of storagespace if needed (except that you wouldn't need that much, since you could get the files of the distributed disksystem anyway). The OS search mecanism should of course be distributed, searching the discsystem (just like p2p applications work today).
binnot, Aug 24 2004

Inferno OS article http://www.elecdesi...AD=1&ArticleID=8327
"Location transparency is probably the best reason for using Inferno. " [BunsenHoneydew, Sep 30 2005]


       So you are basically merging together the "shared folders" aspect of Windows and Mac OS X with P2P?   

       Maybe someone could invent a standard (or is there one already?) so that every OS could follow it. Then, when you want to share a folder or hierarchy, or even an entire disk, you simply edit the sharing settings.   

       Then you could have "share to LAN", "share to WAN" and "share to group". LAN is just the computers in the same subnet, WAN is the entire Internet and group is your composition of computer names, IP addresses and subnets.   

       Sorry if that sounds like I'm stealing your idea, just trying to expand it a little. (+)
Jambam, Jul 29 2005

       Pretty much baked by Inferno OS and aspects of JINI from what I've read.
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 30 2005


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