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Partial sleep

Take multitasking to the next level
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Partial Sleep will allow certain apps to sleep, while others remain active. As popular applications take greater advantage of increases in computing power, so does power consumption. Say your machine is running a server software or p2p software which is preventing the OS from entering sleep mode. At the same time, one of a dozen browser tabs that you have left open has a JavaScript or Flash ad that's eating 80% of the CPU power. Instead of having the CPU and cooling fan go into hyperactive mode the entire time you are outside, Partial Sleep mode will allow your browser and non- essential apps to enter sleep mode as if the app that vetoed sleep mode was never concurrently running in the first place. Instead of having the entire OS go into sleep mode simultaneously, apps that would otherwise suspend the entire OS's sleep are allowed to run alongside other apps that have entered sleep mode.

Alternatively, if taking a global approach to the entire OS would be too complex or problematic, only specific sandboxed environments such as an ideal Google Chrome tab, could sleep separately from the rest of the OS.

rhatta, May 19 2009




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