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Obscure Celebrity Penalty shoot out

I know the name, but.../ Oh, what was he in again?
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Two members of the public are pitted against each other in a bid to win a major cash prize.

The game works as follows: - Player One names celebrity that they think most people will recognise the name of. - The studio audience votes - if more than 50% recognises the celeb, the 'shot' is on target. If less than 50% does, the shot is missed. - Player Two then gets the chance to 'save' the shot. If (s)he can name one thing that celeb has done, it is saved. If not, Player One scores.

The same continues for five shots each, and into sudden death if necessary. Bags I'm picking Gary Wilmot.

Variations could include a judging panel of three celebs instead of a studio audience for the recognition test, and playing a film clip of obscure character actors, with the second player having to name either the actor or another film he's been in.

mrballs, Aug 19 2004


       How do you validate the 'one thing that the celeb has done'? using the same audience vote thing?
dobtabulous, Aug 19 2004

       //Gary Wilmot.//
Chitty! Chitty! Bang! Bang!
gnomethang, Aug 19 2004

       Bruce Campbell. Sure, *we* may know who he is, but ask any layman and he'll give you a puzzled stare.
absterge, Aug 20 2004

       the question is, of course..   

       will ken jennings win this thing 4598 straight times too? :-)
adamosity, Aug 20 2004

       How about this: Celebrity contestants name a person they are familiar with personally, and if someone in the audience has met them, they get a point. Would need to find the right size audience...
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 20 2004


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