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Quiet Weekend Morning TV

For the hungover
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To much noise! Too many bright colours! What we need is a show on weekend mornings aimed at kids (so the content is purile and trivial enough), but with QUITE voiced presenters on BEIGE sets. Could also prehaps broadcast this show at 90 degrees to normal i.e. so you can watch it lying on your side.
mcscotland, Apr 18 2001

Tiswas - the reason that this idea should be squashed immediately. http://tv.cream.org/arktos.htm
Condensed milk sandwiches, the Phantom Flan-flinger and the Bucket of Water song. [DrBob, Apr 18 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Best hangover tv show ever http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/roadshow/
[mrthingy, Mar 14 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Its essential to the recovery process
mcscotland, Apr 18 2001

       Somebody told me that the Discovery channel ran its programming upside down for April Fool's -- for the really hung over.
Rusty, Apr 18 2001

       I find that the content of TV programming makes little to no difference to kids. Watch them watching TV, any time of day or night. Chances are, if they're interested in what's on, they're catatonic.   

       It's not Saturday morning TV that makes kids energetic; it's the sheer joyful experience of being a kid on a weekend morning when she doesn't have to go to school.   

       Maybe the key to solving this problem would involve aiming the hangover for the following Monday morning, instead. In that case, kid and adult could be morose and testy together ...
1percent, Apr 18 2001

       ravenswood: PBS wouldn't work (assuming this is the USofA equivalent of BBC2?). The fine art of hangover recovery requires kids TV because its completely non-challenging and [all important] trivial.
mcscotland, Apr 18 2001

       No, no, no! If this idea had been baked when I was a lad then Tiswas would never have been. Clearly you haven't thought this out properly.
DrBob, Apr 18 2001

       ravenswood, I made the same mistake. I didn't know that mcscotland meant TV *for* the hungover.   

       In that case, Teletubbies are the s**t ... cute, easy to follow, and almost completely nonverbal. The Tubbies have that cool squeaking, cooing baby-face sun, and that happy, simply bubbly music that pulls no aural punches. All they really do is hug and fall down, and who can identify better with that stuff than a temporarily repentant pisshead?   

       P.S. to PS: dear Peter, the point I was trying to make is that television DOES NOT make children hyper. (They get that way all by themselves, IMO.) I sincerely hope that this will be the last time one of my posts offends your delicate sensibilities ... :)
1percent, Apr 18 2001

       Mmmm! TubbyCustard!
DrBob, Apr 18 2001

       DrBob: tiswas was to noisy! And too bright! So it wouldn't work for a hangover.   

       ravenswood: Bear in the Blue House sounds perfect (whatever it is)
mcscotland, Apr 19 2001

       Old reruns of 'Leave it to Beaver' might do the trick, if it doesn't leave you nauseous. In fact, any old, black and white, pre-70's rerun would probably fit the bill.
phoenix, Mar 15 2002


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