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One of our Pilots is Missing

Pilot shows that never quite made it to TV...
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We all know and love those shows that never made it passed the pilot episode, but what about those shows that never quite made it?
For instance: "Rug Rats". Now retired, ex-cop TJ Hooker (William Shatner) turns bad and links up with other toupe wearing villains to commit a daring series of bank heists... Or what about "Hill Street Brownies". A group of small girls tackle street crime in downtown New York. "Remember, Let's be careful out there - and make sure you're home by six!"
goff, Jun 18 2001


       2 Guys, A Girl And A Piece Of Plaice - Sitcom about two flatmates, the girl who lives above them and their favourite fish...
CoolerKing, Jun 20 2001

       Bible Bots: Players compete in the creation of robots that do good deeds.
phoenix, Aug 07 2001

       I`m sure the Chinese government would be interested in this.
Pallex, Aug 08 2001

       "Forrest Bush": Series about a loveable but none too bright character who gets into all sorts of scrapes but seems to muddle through. In the pilot episode, Forrest gets elected president because of an uncanny likeness with a previous president bearing the same surname.
st3f, Aug 08 2001


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