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Octopus keyboard

Make a keyboard for octopi that plays sounds, or lights up a color organ. Then see if they repeat compositions or like music of their own construction
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I read that octopi can hear, and of course they change color and can see well.

As far as I can discern online, no researcher has ever made a keyboard for octopi.

They hear at 400-1000 Hz so might actually purposefully sequence whatever sounds, (perhaps our notes) that they like. Because there is no reason to think they like our notes perhaps an octopus theramin with a "remember" key could be used to build a library of preferred sounds, which could then be repeated with keys at a keyboard.

A color organ with happy or well fed octopus colors or patterns could be produced to find out if they like making color shapes or would like to decorate.

If we find out that octopi actually repeat compositions, or visibly practice sequences at a keyboard it would be a milestone of cross-species intelligence.

beanangel, Dec 04 2017

"I'd like to be .... under the sea ...." https://news.nation...topus-mischief.html
[normzone, Dec 05 2017]


       Ten tickling the ivories. (+)   

       // a milestone of cross-species intelligence. //   

       The milestone no doubt being that you'd definitively prove that many cephalopods are cleverer, and certainly better musicians, than most humans - rather than it just being an uneasy suspicion.
8th of 7, Dec 04 2017

       How many typewriters and octopi would it take to recreate Moby Dick?   

       Only a few, but they'd have a whale of a time doing it.   

       They wouldn't even need typewriters - in an emergency, they could use their own ink.
8th of 7, Dec 04 2017

       " In one instance, an octopus given a slightly spoiled shrimp stuffed it down the drain while maintaining eye contact with its keeper, Linden said. " (link)   

       This reminds me of that melancholy music the whales play .... the blues.
normzone, Dec 05 2017

       Sp. "Octopuses" or, if you want to get all classical, "octopodes", but, please, not "octopi". (It's Greek 3rd declension, not Latin 2nd declension).   

       Thank you.
pertinax, Dec 05 2017

       If you had two of them, could you make one hexadecapus?
RayfordSteele, Dec 05 2017

       Ah, octopodes. That must be why the Octopi Wall Street movement failed so miserably.   

       // If you had two of them, could you make one hexadecapus ? //   

       No. However, if you had a male and a female, you could get lots of little octopuses.   

       If you had two male octopuses, you would have a fight.   

       If you had two female octopuses, you could get some amazing knitwear.   

       Cephalopods would probably enjoy taking up campanology. There is evidence for this; squid rings are apparently very popular.
8th of 7, Dec 05 2017


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