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Self Contained Karaoke System

Listen To and Sing your Favorite Songs without Disturbing Others
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I absolutely LOVE to sing. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Here's the thing, though, when I sing, it's so bad that my dog cries. My voice should NEVER be heard in public. So my only option is to drive to a nearby, secluded park; set the brake; crank up Joni Mitchell; and sing to my heart's content. But today as I sat there all by myself I thought, "Hmm... Wonder if I could create a helmet that would allow me to sing at the top of my lungs without bothering my dog, my roommate, or my neighbors?"

Then I thought, Maybe, I could create a sound proof helmet that plays my favorite music, that has a face mask that would display the song's lyrics and allow me to sing anywhere I went. OH! And wouldn't it be totally COOL for this helmet to be so technically advanced that you could change your voice--like adding echos or reducing the bass?

OH OH!!!! And how about having a built in cell phone?!?!?!?!?

I know there are several issues (such as size, security, etc...) that would need to be worked out, but someone in Silicon Valley needs to look in to this. I would be the first person to buy one. And I think other people who usually listen to ipods would like to be able to sing their songs when they're walking down the street or riding the bus.

I've photoshopped a couple of pics to give you an idea about what it might look like. But basically, you'd have a helmet (I chose the "Storm Trooper" design from Star Wars) that contained an ipod like device that held all of your favorite songs. there's a microphone near your mouth that when you sing into it, it amplifies your own voice or changes it so that it sounds better. Or maybe you could design it so that when you sang into the microphone, the voice that you hear has been processed to sound EXACTLY like the singer's voice (OH! SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!).

On the inside of the facesheild an LCD or laser device could display the lyrics to your song.


veryvermilion, Apr 04 2007

Photoshopped pictures http://home.earthli...rn/tomblog/id1.html
[veryvermilion, Apr 04 2007]


       [+] for your enthusiasm, if nothing else.   

       I'd buy three.
shapu, Apr 04 2007

       I'd definitely buy one for you.
wagster, Apr 04 2007


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