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Off topic sports commentary

Politically Incorrect and the game.
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Let's face it, sports commentators talk too much. About 10 percent of the time they are talking about the game, that's perfectally valid, but the rest of the time they are talking about the game last night, the game two weeks ago, the player 4 years ago, the umpire in another state, the manager and his wife or how many errors players with j names have. Sports is not wide enough of a topic, plus when you go to the game with a friend or watch it in your home with friends do you talk like that? I don't, I talk about all sorts of stuff. so you get a host and three or four guests to watch the game and discuss current events. and when something noteworthy happens in the game the conversation reverts back to the game.
davidcreede, Aug 09 2003

Kinda like this? http://www.halfbake...xperience_20Channel
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       baked: ever heard Peter Allis commentate on the golf? Or the legendary BBC Radio 4 commentator Brian Johnston? You could listen to his commentary for a long time before you realized it was about cricket. And the only good thing Eurosport do is employ David Duffield to commentate on the Tour De France - he talks about the surroundings, french history, what he had for dinner last night, music he likes, what he read in the paper, and very occasionally cycling.
custardlove, Aug 09 2003

       Didn't you think Johnners was amazing, a real artist. That and all the cakes they used to receive. Blue Peter make a lot of cakes as well. Baked, most of them are...
PeterSilly, Aug 09 2003

       I have to vote against this idea although it's a nice effort: people watching sports already wander away from the topic too much to have the tv comentator do the same when you finally decide to focus on the game.
Pericles, Aug 10 2003


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