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Office Periscope

For multi-storey buildings
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For those who work in an office which spans several floors, the whereabouts of colleagues is an incalculable mystery which cannot be solved with conventional methods such as chaotic telephone systems or intranets.

Each floor should therefore be fitted with a periscope. Diligent workers in search of assistance from a specific person or persons will be able to freely access the expandable periscope and have a quick peek round other floors.

Similarly, workers wishing to sneak outside for a crafty smoke can 'down periscope' and see if they can blaze a trail to the front doors without encountering middle-management.

kpx, Dec 25 2002


       or you could stay back late one night, and hide webcams all over the place...   

       to be shared, of course, with the other galley slaves.
anaeleus, Jun 03 2005

       "Computer, locate Phundug, Scott, assistant editor"
"Scott Phundug is in men's lavatory C, third floor."
phundug, Jun 03 2005


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