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Random e-mail forwarding

Cut down misuse, cronyism and business lies
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Imagine if every e-mail sent from an office machine had a chance of forwardsing that e-mail to anyone else in the company.
Firstly people would think twice about sending abusive/mis-interpretable e-mails, managers would have to be truthful in their reports because you never know who will get to see them etc. Everyone in the company would know what was really going on [Because it would be so much harder to keep things secret] and the world would be a better place.
It would also have the benefit that people would probably talk to each other more, forming closer social bonds and a better working environment.
cFish, Nov 27 2003


       To: Bob
From: Claire
Subj: Fwd[Rdm]: Photocopier

       To: Claire
From: Roger
Subj: Photocopier

       Sorry about the photocopier "incident". I was drunk. Christmas parties, eh? Still, let's keep a lid on it, I'd hate to upset Bob with this...

Fishrat, Nov 27 2003

       Hence the reason people would talk more...
cFish, Nov 27 2003

       To: Hubert Von Pumperhousen
From: Cuthbert Fotherington-Smythe
Subject: Employee Absence

       Just to let you know that cFish won't be available to attend your training course today. He has an appointment at the clinic to try and sort out that nasty weeping sore and the itchy rash we noticed last week. If it turns out to be what he suspects then his absence might be a blessing as it would be quite contagious. I don't know about you but I won't miss the stink of his pits (does that guy ever wash or what?). Anyway please keep this under your hat as he might get the all-clear and we wouldn't want to spoil his chances with Cynthia in accounts (yes he still fancies her).   

dobtabulous, Nov 27 2003

       To: customer-announce From: devteam Subject: Fwd[Rnd]: code review files ---------   

       To: qateam From: devteam Subject: code review files   

       This zip file contains the source code to our flagship, Project Fishbone, for the upcoming code review. Please acknowledge receipt of this message to ensure compliance with internal security standards.
darksasami, Nov 27 2003

       I did mention "anyone else in the company", and I assumed it was understood that this didn't include mailing lists...
cFish, Nov 27 2003

       cFish: You don't get enough intentional crap in your inbox, you need more random crap?
gardnertoo, Aug 14 2004


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