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Office workout chair

A swiveling, wheeled office chair that doubles as a weight bench
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Flush against the seat back is a fold out kickstand. Once it is folded out, the arms of the chair pivot around backward to fold behind it, out of the way. The seat back then reclines completely flat, resting on the kickstand, the wheels snap up off the ground, and you've got a weight bench in your office. The width and contouring may not be ideal for really serious workouts, but if you can't make it to the gym and don't have room for a full home setup, it'll get the job done. Also great for taking a nap!
21 Quest, May 21 2024


       I'm going to use this for exercise and definitely not for napping off large dinners.
Voice, May 21 2024

       I've gotten ridiculed for working out in my office. It's toxic but the energy is "oh, gosh, look at mr. I care about my health and have five minutes to waste. tsk tsk."   

       Maybe a line of osmium-infused office supplies would help.
daseva, May 23 2024

       To which I would retort, "I get ridiculed for being physically fit. You get ridiculed for taking Ozempic. We are not the same."
21 Quest, May 23 2024


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