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muscle spot

Full body workout while laying in bed.
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I wonder why no one have done this yet. You know those electronic belt you wear that vibrates your muscles. Supposely, they help your muscle grow.

So instead of going to a gym, you can go to a muscle spot where you are hooking up with those electrical patches all over your muscles group. You will just sit comfortablly for a half hour and let electricity burn fat and build your muscle for you. Working out have never been any easier.

bing, Apr 05 2002

Do they work? http://www.ahealthy...om/topic/abmachines
No, they don't. [waugsqueke, Apr 05 2002]


       No one has done this yet because those things don't work.
waugsqueke, Apr 05 2002

       I can't say much for the consumer market model, as I have not tried it. However, there is a medical market model that is used to good effect in certain physical therapy programs to prevent muscle atrophy and to rebuild lost strength. I suspect that a trained medical staff (with good malpractice insurance) would be necessary to operate a business offering electronic muscle stimulation workouts. The cost overhead would price the service out of the general market. It might work to target the nouveau riche market.   

       Having said all that in defense of the technology, I still believe the idea would be better left half baked. I think that a healthy body benefits more from a traditional workout where muscles and joints operate smoothly through a full range of motion rather than twitching and jerking in place. There is also greater risk of abuse or over-use when electronic stimulation is involved.
BigBrother, Apr 05 2002

       GTR, 'fraid not. (Link.) Makes sense. They flex your muscles for you, so you don't have to expend the energy. And if you're not expending energy, you can't possibly burn fat and build muscle. No, they don't work.   

       As BB points out, this technology does have a legitimate theraputical use.
waugsqueke, Apr 05 2002

       Ah, so you have a legitimate theraputical use in mind, then, hm?
waugsqueke, Apr 05 2002

       When muscle moves, it is using energy. The electricity don't power the muscle, it just simulate nerver signal and fooling the muscle into action. Fat burns when the body start break the fat cells to power the muscles and for building more muscle cells. The body has it own way of regulating celluar division and energy balance. Normally, stressed cells will divide more to compensate the losts, blood vesels will grow to bring more energy in and the whole complex process goes on without us being aware of it.   

       With enough scientific study, it is easy to fool the body to think that it needs to build more muscle than storing fat without actually doing the hard work. Muscle building occured during recover period not working period.   

       If you want a aerobic workout, breathe less oxygenated air, that will get the heart and lung to build themselves. Regulately bring the heart to beat 130/min also builts heart muscle.   

       Anyway, my idea here is really a satire about where superficiality will lead us.
bing, Apr 05 2002

       Baked. Fork and an outlet. Need say more.
Graciem, Apr 07 2002

       Don't knock superficiality; it may be only skin deep.
angel, Apr 08 2002

       I read this in some annotation "break the fat cells to power the muscles and for building more muscle cells" that is not correct! just one reason, the muscle cells dont increase in number, no "building of more muscle cells" the reality : Hipertrophy of the existing muscle cells, the cells just grow and increase the number of its fibers to be stronger, and fill its cytoplasm with glucogen and another components like phosphocreatine ,energetical reserves to respond to the activity of that cell, but the energy in major proportion comes from the oxygen. I think the electric stimulation works to burn fat (or the same muscle protein to get energy, whatever), the reserves of the muscle only spend 1 minute maximum with combined energy of the anaerobic way, and with the electricity without stimulation of the need of more oxygen, I think that the cells going to utilize the next way to get energy: the conversion of fat to glucose...etc but we use electrical stimulation in all our nerves... and the nerves go like a vagus all around ...Im afraid a problem of e- charges?
fryedchicken, May 25 2002

       //breathe less oxygenated air//   

       I want to know how bing proposes we do this. I vote [him] first guinea pig in the trials ;op
yamahito, May 25 2002

       That'd be "he."
bristolz, May 25 2002

       whoops! Sorry bing!
yamahito, May 25 2002

       How about making a matress pad with the electrical pads built into it? You could just thrash about all night and get a full-body "workout" (and go sterile from EMF generation)
wugah, Apr 06 2003


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