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Offshore HMO for Airlines

Airlines offshore HMO
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Problem: Health care costs are too high in the west. Lawsuits and the ensuing high insurance rates have driven the cost of medicine, at least in the U.S., to high levels.

Suggestion: During a "Cost saving suggestions drive" I suggested this idea to an airline that I worked for around 1992: Offer a health plan that will allow employees to get their health care offshore. Airlines with international routes are in a unique position to be able to fly employees, at a low cost, to offshore clinics. The idea was rejected by the airline at the time. Today I heard on the radio that a California HMO is offering a very low cost, high quality HMO whose treatments are performed in Mexico. A person, say, in Kansas, will find Mexico harder to get to, obviously. This is what puts airlines in a unique position to offer an extraordinary benefit that will attract quality employees. HMOs serving non-airline employees could negotiate package travel deals with airlines to have their clients transported offshore for treatment as well.

Sunstone, Nov 08 2005

Low cost Mexican health care http://www.washingt...R2005110501170.html
Passport to Health Care At Lower Cost to Patient [Sunstone, Nov 08 2005]

Medical tourism https://duckduckgo....b&atb=v165-1&ia=web
Traveling overseas for medical care is now very common [Sunstone, Sep 01 2013, last modified Sep 22 2019]


       The result of this will be that medical costs in Mexico and elsewhere will rise. Then Mexicans will be screwed again.   

       America ought to sort out its own problems, rather than just exporting them.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 01 2013

       /America ought to sort out its own problems/   

       One time tested way of achieving said sorting is for a subset of Americans to decamp to an area where the problem is less problematic, leaving the remainder of Americans to suffer along with the problem. This technique was established by the Pilgrims, with a strong track record ever since.
bungston, Sep 03 2013


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