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Oil Socks & Gloves

Warm your temperature-sensible parts with your chest and back.
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Sometimes, gloves and socks are just not enough to cover you from cold. You could add another pair of socks and get your gloved hands deep in your pocket, but you eventualy will discover that after wearing six pairs of socks it will be impossible to put on your boots, and if you spend all day in the office with your hands tucked on your coat, you could get fired. The solution? The oil-filled, movement powered, chest-to-hands-and-feet-heat interchanger!

...which is none than a cloth-covered vest filled with oil, that gets heated by your chest and back, and it is conduced by small hoses to your socks and gloves... The movement of your body when you walk or the movement of your hands wil force the oil to move from the vest to the gloves and socks, and small check valvles will keep the heated oil circulating... keepeng tour feets and and hands constantly heated.

So, Say goodbye to the aching hand and foot fingers, and get at the same time that coool sci-fi look that drives ladies crazy!!

noyola, Apr 24 2003

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       Nice, but why go up all the way to the chest to heat your feet? And, isn’t internal body heat more reliable than surface heat . You do see what I mean? I don’t have to draw a picture, do I?

“Honey, it was so cold out there I almost froze my ass off!”
pluterday, Apr 24 2003

       I thought the body's design is such that the hands and feet are allowed to cool so that the torso remains warm. If you move heat from the torso to the extremeties, I think you'll just increase the risk of hypothermia. Seems that if there was enough extra heat in the torso to supply this system, your fingers and toes wouldn't be cold in the first place. I also think the heat lost to inefficiencies in the system would be substantial. Neutral vote.
Don Quixote, Apr 24 2003

       As i guess the socks and gloves would be insulated, the loss of heat to the environment would be minimized.
loonquawl, May 20 2009

       Water vapor and sweat conduct heat away from hands and feet quickly. That is why wearing a thin sock of nylon under a thick sock of cotton or wool works so well. The water passes quickly through the inner sock and adsorbed by the outer.   

       An oil filled pouch that does not also deal with sweat/water by getting it out of the way will feel slimy and cool and clammy. Don't do a full production run until you actually wear a few prototypes under freezing conditions. Picking the fabric cover will be critical.
popbottle, Jun 18 2014

       Without going to the trouble of exterior plumbing why not go with your built in system and the warming fluid already on board? Heated vests work by keeping the torso warm and it sends warm blood to the extremities.
cudgel, Jun 19 2014


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