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Shoulder Shrubbery

Encompass your head with vegetation
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We're talking shoulder-mounted plant pots in which attractive plants/small bushes thrive in the name of fashion - marigolds, roses, poppies, gorse, juniper (pruned down to small size)... whatever you want. Anyone who speaks to you or looks at you now has a pleasant background to enjoy.

I see Bush addressing the US with a pair of cacti growing on either side of his head. Or if, for example, a lush sprouting of cress is shoulder-grown then the wearer could conveniently turn their head to one side for a quick nibble. The Venus Fly-Trap model can be employed to combat insects when visiting tropical countries.

[edit] And Mr. Miyagi practicing Tai-Chi wearing twin Bonsai trees.

berno, Dec 24 2005

the basics (for children) http://www.bbc.co.u...ogy/flower2_2.shtml
[rainbow, Dec 24 2005]


       is //Shrubbery// even a safe word to use here?   

       problem is that many plants (e.g. all the ones you mention) put a large proportion of their energy into attracting insects to them.
rainbow, Dec 24 2005

       [rainbow] 'Shrubbery'? That's not a problem. It's a fishbone alright, but the attaction of insects to a couple of poppies growing from your shoulders is virtually nill.
berno, Dec 24 2005

       Haute Couture Horticulture. it just doesn't work. don't make me get botanical at you.
rainbow, Dec 24 2005

       [responding to link + annotation] Insects are *not* going to be the problem here (the problem is of carrying soil on your shoulders).   

       If I send a bouquet of flowers to someone, does that automatically mean they'll have an insect problem because insects dig flowers and even children know that? Of course! I imagine that the poppy that you might wear on commemoration day (UK at least) would attract thousands of bees. In fact, why not mount bee's nests on your shoulders. It'd be all the same.   

       Oh, and merry Christmas to all Halfbakers!
berno, Dec 24 2005

       <grins at rainbow> Weeeeee demand.... a shrubbery!!!!
DesertFox, Dec 24 2005

       "Say it with bees"! too deep. <blushes with admiration>
rainbow, Dec 25 2005

       [+] ... could also work well with flowers (and butterflies)
ixnaum, Dec 25 2005

       <night of nee moment> We especially like what you did with the laurel. </night of nee moment>
froglet, Dec 25 2005

       [+] Soon marijuana will be legal to wear, also.
xandram, Jul 10 2013


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