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Oktoberfest Urinals

handy device for piddling
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This occurred to me while at Oktoberfest in Munich. People were downing beer by the litre and many were just pissing in their pants.

What I propose is simplicity itself. Such drinking meets should have flexible rubbing tubing (with disposable latex mouths) coming out of a septic holding tank in the ground. When you sit down you open your zip and attach the tube around your little man. No need to get up and have your beer flicked by some greasy Italian. Prost!!!

samosa_pirate, Jan 09 2007


       What about the women?
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 09 2007

       Its better for women because when they use the wc there are no men standing around and making passes.
samosa_pirate, Jan 09 2007

       Just fit everyone with a catheter upon entry and have standard attachments at all chairs, or at designated stations.
jhomrighaus, Jan 09 2007

       //better for women //maybe but the queue snakes three times round the building and half a mile down the road...
po, Jan 09 2007

       //many // <boggles/>
pertinax, Jan 10 2007

       Hey if you want to be gross (no pun intended) in a German beer tent or pub, you don't need to invent anything new. In days gone by when there was still sawdust on the floor in the Wirtshäuser, the old men didn't bother getting up to pee. They just peed down their walking sticks under the table. I kid you not.
squeak, Jan 11 2007


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