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Joke Urinal

Random trouser drencher
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An occasional public urinal will occasionally squirt its patron's leg with a jet of pure water.

So that on the few occasions that I dribble pee over my trousers I can blame it on the "Joke Urinal".

neelandan, Jan 31 2005

Poor thing! It was for you that I invented... The_20Electric_20Shake
[robinism, Jan 31 2005]


       Joke? ... Urinal? .... HAHAA!
reensure, Jan 31 2005

       And everybody's first reaction would be, "Yeah, right. The 'joke urinal.' Good one, man."
Machiavelli, Jan 31 2005

       Pity the short man that gets a blast in the face.
shapu, Jan 31 2005

       I think this should be an attachment to the sink, not the urinal. You know, more sanitary.
phundug, Jan 31 2005

       "'Joke sink' you say? So why were you pissing in the sink?"
FarmerJohn, Jan 31 2005

       the sink is a better height
benfrost, Feb 01 2005

       `` Isn't that odd? The toilet is just about right for tying and untying your shoes.
tiromancer, Feb 01 2005

       And drinking fountains are a better height for washing your hands. Who designs these things?
Worldgineer, Feb 01 2005


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