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Old-Tennies Street-Lights

utilities chic.
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Contrasting the expense of putting up discrete lamp-posts and power-cabling, Tennies' Street Lights are recycled tennis shoes with powerful LED lights in the soles.

Powered by induction and switched by a daylight sensor, these high-fashion bolos are installed in the standard manner: tossing them up until they snag over a power line. If replacement is necessary, a pair of long-handled hedgetrimmers will bring the old ones down and a new set can be tossed up.

Also available, for personal use, with a solar-rechargeable battery for stringing garden lights along clotheslines or other unpowered cables.

FlyingToaster, Oct 03 2009

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       snooze ~ lose bro ;D. What I like is that it's doable (though you'd probably have to bolo the shoes to wrap the "laces" around the wires a few times)
FlyingToaster, Oct 03 2009

       and this week's Optimism Award goes to... § x1
FlyingToaster, Oct 05 2009


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