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Old Soap Slot

An unbroken chain
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Make a bar of soap with an off-center slot running down most of its length. This slot is for the last bar of soap when it gets down to a nearly unuseable size. Just slip in the used soap and continue, rather than trying to stick the old soap to the outside of the new.

The main problem I see is that you might carry the same tiny bit of soap from bar to bar, never using it up. I'm not sure what the result of this would be.

centauri, Dec 22 2000

Basket on a handle http://www.vermontc...tID=1316&CatID=1318
I suppose you could also use it as a thurible, one-bite popcorn popper, or cricket cage. [hello_c, Dec 22 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       but everybody already sticks the little piece onto the new bar anyway, klassykat. this would only make the ordeal easier, and wouldn't promote poor hygiene any more than everyone is willing to put up with already... :P
absterge, Dec 23 2000

       With the slot off-center, it seems likely that you wouldn't have the same little sliver with you forever.   

       Could be much sillier: one can buy a wire basket on a handle to swish soap slivers into suds with. (See link.)   

       I just stuff mine into my luffa, which conveniently has slots running down its length (brought to us by the great bioengineering Nazca line makers of ages forgotten).
hello_c, Dec 24 2000

       But at least they'll be very clean alligators.
PotatoStew, Dec 24 2000

       There's the danger of rubbing off a piece of soap to reveal a pube which got stuck to a bar of soap several months ago.
hippo, Dec 27 2000

       is soap really all that expensive? I mean just throw the little piece away.
batgirl, Dec 27 2000

       "Batgirl" has clearly never met the species of man known as "Homo packratus"...
egnor, Dec 28 2000

       Why not use the soap on a rope idea...have the slot at the top...stuff the sliver in there...I love those things...they are so 80's.
grackle, May 29 2001

       I thought this was going to be a little slot in yr shower or bath thru which old soap could be posted, to avoid the effort of poking as described by PS.
-alx, May 29 2001

       use all your old bars to create multicolored soap candles. without even looking, i know that soap candles must exist somewhere in the halfbakery...
gnormal, May 29 2001

       Actually, if you put the slot in the middle of the soap, then use up the soap until only the slot is left, you won't have any old soap to deal with.
ejs, Jun 01 2001


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