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Rainbow Froth

Multi-colored/scented foam
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Hand soap is so boring dont you think? There's been little innovation, if any in this field for decades and I think it's about time the everyday product gets an upgrade.

A honeycomb-esque soap bar filled with different colored and scented liquid soap deposits in each individual compartment. As the bar erodes, different soap pockets constantly get exposed, creating a wash full of lovely scents and bright frothy colors.

Its like washing your hands in rainbow really...

shinobi, Mar 14 2006

nuttier antecedent crazy_20soap
[po, Mar 14 2006]

Crystal soap http://www.juliesgiftsoap.com/CR002.html
Similar to [normzone]'s description of the grody soap in his shower. [jurist, Mar 14 2006]


       Baked, although I lack a means to demonstrate it to you. In my shower at this moment is some soap cleverly crafted to resemble geodes.
normzone, Mar 14 2006

       Nice, and I don't think that soap that looks like coloured crystal is really the same thing - unless it somehow becomes rainbowised when you use it. Only problem with this is, wouldn't all the colours mix into brown?
wagster, Mar 14 2006

       Baked. It was done a while ago. I saw it in Popular Science. The bubbles are colourful when bubbles, when they evaporate they go clear again. It was made so cleaners could see where they've cleaned.
FunkyMunky, Mar 14 2006

       This could be so easily manufactured, too - maybe by making lots of soap pockets (like the clothes washing liquid capsules which dissolve in teh wash) in different colours and sticking them together in a sponge shape. Nice!
rubyminky, Mar 14 2006

       Bubbles already are multi-colored: thin films interere with light in interesting ways, giving you rainbow colors.
DrCurry, Mar 14 2006

       but froth is always white.
po, Mar 14 2006


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