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Olfactrubik's cube.

Meanwhile... back at the ol'factory.
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You found the original Rubik's cube challenging.
You were sufficiently vexed by the braille Rubik's cube.
Now try your hand at the scratch'n'sniff Rubik's cube.


You might want to try both hands.

Meow... http://pictures.mas...090912-cube-cat.jpg
[normzone, May 12 2011]

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       Now available in catnip.
normzone, May 12 2011

       Match pizza with the right spices, match the drinks with the proper alcohol...is there a stinky feet version?
xandram, May 12 2011

       This makes me wonder: If Rubik's Cubes were manipulable by dogs, and if each color had a different scent, would dogs find the cube most pleasing when it was solved (with the scents all segregated)? If so, they would have incentive to play with it and we could see how smart they are.
phundug, May 12 2011

       I like +.
blissmiss, May 12 2011

       [phundug] Would be just the ticket if you were trying to breed a canine model of OCD, and you needed a way to screen each litter for the most compulsive offspring.
mouseposture, May 12 2011

       I like the (.)
sqeaketh the wheel, May 13 2011

       Would the finished result smell like a nine-topping pizza?
infidel, May 13 2011


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