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Smelly TV

a tv... now with smell!
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Basically, it's a tv that allows you to smell the picture that is on screen. It works like a computer and printer- the tv being the computer and smelly bit (similar to an electric air-freshener) being the printer. The air-freshener, like a printer, contains certain basic perfumes (a la cartridges). The TV, like the computer, sends "messages" to the air-freshener to release a certain scent. the scent is then mixed using the oils inside and released.

AromaJet http://www.aromajet.com/game.htm
A smell generating computer peripheral very similar to what is described in this idea. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

(?) Smell-o-television http://www.galtglob...ch/sense_smell.html
Another variation on a mid-twentieth century idea. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]


       Didn't we already do this or did I dream that?
bristolz, Dec 24 2002

       Neither Mike Todd's aftershave nor Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds seem to have made the Smell-O-Vision idea a commercial success. I personally experienced several of the early prototypes in the late fifties and early sixties, and just one of the problems was the persistence of odors. It is difficult for me to imagine that odors could be forced to dissipate quickly enough to keep up with modern film cutting techniques without the introduction of gale-force fans. And, while the smell of a battlefield hospital might make the viewing of "Catch 22" more memorable in a theatric setting, is that really a smell that you want lingering in your bedroom or lounge?
jurist, Dec 24 2002

       Well it's not really the various types of smells that would get to me (although a load of crap isnt exactly appetizing) Its the question of HOW are the smells supposed to get to you? They cant be transmitted via TV signal, and if you had to have all of the smells already in your TV, wouldnt it already smell? Im confused. Also youd have to replace the smells and that could become a real pain. I already hate having to change ink cartriges, and ink cartriged that smell? Well that would just plain suck.
Seafris, Mar 18 2003

       Why would you want to do this? It jibes perfectly with 1950s ideals of pointless technological advancement, that's for sure.
disbomber, Apr 10 2005

       John Waters used a lo-tech, scratch & sniff version of this for Polyester - "filmed in Odorama". If you've seen it, you'll appreciate some of the drawbacks of this idea.
goldilox, Apr 10 2005


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