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Purse Freshener

Small fresheners for your purse. Why?
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Why not. Everyone has a pretty good idea that girls love to buy things that are cute and smell good. Why not market a line of tiny discrete air freshener tabs shaped like teddy bears and flowers and such that can be discretely placed inside their purse and make everything in there smell yummy and sexy! The smell would not be so pungent, but only available to the user of the purse, and perhaps those within very close vicinity.

I hope this isn't mistaken for a sexist rant. I really think the product would sell, and I have faith in women's consumership, regardless of whomever says men buy just as much crap.

A related idea would be a pocket freshener for men, though I'd expect less sales.

daseva, May 13 2008


       purse = small holder thingy for money (US = handbag)   

       mmmmm - smells money (only kidding)   

       a man freshener might be a better idea!
po, May 13 2008

       But the last thing women want is more stuff in the purse. So it will have to be light weight. Small, or rather flat, klinging to the inside with an adhesive. Must not get in the way of rummaging. Eventually purses will come with built in refillable fresheners. Choose from a range of refills. Can be electrically powered by motion. Can send a message to your phone ( I don't know what it would have to say but people will pay for this option ). Mind if I bake this and become rich?
zeno, May 13 2008

       I'd appreciate something in return, but am not expecting it. I'm already working on a prototype which consists of cinnamon car fresheners cut into hearts. The whole trick is in the marketing, mind you. Let me know how your work goes, good luck!
daseva, May 13 2008


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