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When I'm busy, everybody knows I'm busy
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Synthesize IM presence, calendar data and "on-hook" data for my phone for a current "Busy" state.

Then make all platforms, including phones, read this state before bothering me. Phone calls go straight to voicemail, for instance.

theircompetitor, Mar 12 2004

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       A big hit at Christmas, too!
bungston, Mar 12 2004

       Or get a secretary...?
DrCurry, Mar 12 2004

       I don't want a secretary. In all honesty, I think I'm not doing justice to this idea. I'll fill it out shortly
theircompetitor, Mar 12 2004

       An electronic secretary, maybe.
DrCurry, Mar 12 2004

       The notion of "presence" in IM is a very interesting one -- I'm trying to get at exploiting that across other existing technologies
theircompetitor, Mar 12 2004

       I'd write something, only I can't be bothered with the notion that you can't be bothered
Mungo, Mar 12 2004

       Read the title above, Mungo.
theircompetitor, Mar 12 2004

       It becomes a big hit ... the consortium standardizes it ... Microsoft pays big bucks to patent protect it against Sun inroads ... it becomes standard in products with always on capability ... and it is "busy" by default.
dpsyplc, Mar 12 2004

       So you'd be omniabsent?   

       Or, you could just ignore the phone.
ato_de, Mar 13 2004

       Or lift it off the hook... put the mobile on silent and change your greeting on the voice mail to i'm too busy to answer.
engineer1, Mar 14 2004


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