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Smart, Dumbbell Extender

Use lighter weights, longer away.
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Instead of storing and lugging around heavy dumbbells at home, utilize the leverage of a dumbbell extender to get the same workout with a lighter load. The extender is an aluminum sheath that straps to the back of your forearm and continues another 65 cm (26 “) to a snap-lock grip.

For example, pick up two 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs) dumbbells with the extenders, and doing curls will give you the same workout as using 10 kg (22 lbs) weights. Many other weight lifting movements, such as pullovers, flies, extensions, kickbacks and lateral raises, can be enhanced with dumbbell extenders to train the chest, back, shoulders and arms.

FarmerJohn, Oct 12 2002

illustration http://www.geocitie...umbellextender.html
[FarmerJohn, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Testing, testing, 1 2 3.
FarmerJohn, Oct 15 2002

       Maybe if you give it a snazzier name, they will come. Try to include the words "BEER" and "SEX". That always seems to pique men's curiousity.
IVnick8or, Oct 15 2002

       you know *these* things, Forny?
po, Oct 15 2002

       They're words that seem to get men's attention...I think.
IVnick8or, Oct 15 2002

       Okay, the weights can be beer cans and, um, the sex can be ... er, never mind.
rabbit, Oct 15 2002

       Nice idea (ish). But the 'gorillas' in the gym won't give anyone any credit for lifting a 'puny' weight:
"That weight is tiny!"
"Its on a lever...that makes it much harder to lift"
"But the weight is so small"
"Yeah but... its the same principle as a crowbar, but in reverse. You are having to move the weight over a longer distance."
"But the weight is so small"
"You do the same amount of work!"
"Hah...I lift twice as much as that"
"I give up..."
"Hah! He gives up at half the weight I do! That make me er..3 times a strong!"
Jinbish, Oct 15 2002

       That's verbalizing what I feel when I'm lifting half as much on a cable pulley as another is lifting on a combined pulley.
FarmerJohn, Oct 15 2002

       I hate to tell ya [farmer], but you would then have smartbells and they could eventually take over the world.
blissmiss, Oct 15 2002

       I thought this would be about a counterbalancing weight to picking and placing of heavier dumbells without full arm extension. Your idea is interesting, ¯Farmerjohn, and it takes me back to pressure washing, one of the most physically demanding jobs I had.   

       Could it sell? Uhhhh, nah.
reensure, Oct 15 2002

       More brilliance.
RayfordSteele, Jun 22 2004


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