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One-shluck Spaghetti

A meal sized length of spaghetti.
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Dig about a bit with your fork and you'll find a little nub of pasta about 5mm across, that's the start of your spaghetti. Pop it in your mouth and schluck your way to the other end of your meal. Civilised people can practice chewing and chatting while holding the end in the corner of their mouths or wedging it between their teeth. The uncivilised and short of time can suck the entire strand directly into their stomachs.

This would be easiest with fresh pasta which is flexible and can be packaged in a bag. Dried pasta could be sold in spiral discs although care would have to be taken that there are no breaks.

wagster, Mar 04 2005

(???) 503 feet is the record http://insidetoront...5583p-1436383c.html
[robinism, Mar 05 2005]


       I thought only Dalmations could do this.
skinflaps, Mar 04 2005

       No [skin], you can do it too with practice.
wagster, Mar 04 2005

       <pedant> [skinflaps] it was Lady and the Tramp, not 101 Dalmations </pedant>
scubadooper, Mar 04 2005

       I hesitate to think of what it would feel like going out the other end...
finrod, Mar 05 2005

       How long would this noodle have to be, and how fast would you have to schluck it?   

       one serving of spaghetti = 1.5 cup cooked noodles = 3 oz dry noodles = 120 strands = about 120 feet   

       15 minutes per meal = 15 minutes per 120 feet of spaghetti = 8 feet of spaghetti per minute = 1.6 inches schlucked per second.
robinism, Mar 05 2005

       15 minutes of sucking on 120 feet of spaghetti at 1.6 inches per second = another dead pasta lover or segue into some sleazy joke I'm avoiding altogether.
Detly, Mar 05 2005

       [robinism] - I think you might be using a little too much spaghetti, but it sounds like the correct ballpark. I don't think fifteen minutes of solid schlucking would be much fun - try spending an hour over your evening meal while flirting, drinking a bottle of wine and nibbling breadsticks. Shot of vodka for anyone who drops their spaghetti.   

       EDIT - Nice link. I might have guessed that someone, somewhere had already gone down this road.
wagster, Mar 05 2005

       ...and got stranded.
Oo that was bad.


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