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Noodle Brains

The thinking man's food
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Cook up some instant noodles, place them in the brain shaped dish, turn over, leave for a minute, remove the mould, and viola! Noodle brains.

The mould also comes with a faux monkey's head with removable lid to be placed over the noodles.

Brain apetit!

theleopard, Feb 24 2007

brain mold http://www.brain-ma...rain_novelties.html
[xandram, Feb 24 2007]

use your noodle. http://www.phrases....2/messages/260.html
[po, Feb 24 2007]

Viola! http://www.halfbake...rchexpression=viola
You've missed something [theleopard, Feb 25 2007]


       sounds like a very knowledgeable noodle blancmange.
skinflaps, Feb 24 2007

       but brain molds aren't new and neither are noodles...
[see link] but, I like the monkey's head part.
xandram, Feb 24 2007

       What [xandram] said. Bun for monkey-brain-dinner.
wagster, Feb 24 2007

       [xandram], concentrate on the monkey brains...   

       Monkey brains...   

       Concentrate... on the monkey brains...
theleopard, Feb 24 2007

       sp: voila, unless I've missed something.
Texticle, Feb 25 2007

       search the halfbakery for "viola".
methinksnot, Feb 25 2007

       Hey- I hadn't noticed there is a user [viola] who has never posted anything...
xandram, Feb 25 2007

       Indeed, I missed something <hangs head>
Texticle, Feb 25 2007


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