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Octopus shapes + tortellini = Octellini
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It's tortellini, but with Octellini each stuffed pasta shell is modelled to look like a miniature octopus, complete with dangling tentacles.

Also available as an unstuffed, hard shelled version, that only really looks like an octopus stranded out of water after it is cooked and served up.

xenzag, Jan 07 2010

esp. served with octodogs... http://farm4.static...56_9b742b5a71_o.jpg
[xandram, Jan 07 2010]


       + I like it..
I'm imagining some black liquid sauce for them...
xandram, Jan 07 2010

       Only eight limbs, but they'll ten tickle yer tummy. (+)   

       Really gross +
blissmiss, Jan 08 2010

       edit - now with shorter name   

       [bigsleep] - it's my nature... how can I help myself? It could have been worse - fish themed and flavoured chocolate liqueurs anyone? See - I spared you that one as a complete idea.
xenzag, Jan 08 2010

       [+] I like it, but have a few questions:   

       Is it stuffed with octopus, to match the shape?   

       Are the tentacles stuffed, or only the body?   

       Is it available in a ten limbed squid version?
goldbb, Jan 11 2010

       It's vegetarian only. Tentacles could be stuffed. Squid version - just for you.
xenzag, Jan 11 2010

       I wonder how you'd actually make it. Injection-mold?
RayfordSteele, Jan 11 2010

       Die cut would be wasteful regarding materials, but injection molding requirements would influence the recipe, perhaps unfavorably.   

       How about hand crafting each piece individually? Collectors would sort through boxes for a prime piece by a revered craftsperson.   

       Collectors would be referred to as pastafarians.
normzone, Jan 11 2010

       Pastafarians? Isn't that already the name used for believers in the Flying Spaghetti Monster?   

       Each box should come with a little plastic deep-sea diver & treasure chest.
jutta, Jan 12 2010

zen_tom, Jan 12 2010

       I understand a deep-see diver is a waterproof remote-control closed-circuit television camera mounted with powerful spotlights.
pocmloc, Jan 12 2010

       No, it's an emissary from the Pope, in neoprene and SCUBA gear.
coprocephalous, Jan 12 2010

       Thanks for the lovely corrections! What I meant, of course, was a small, transparent packet of salty sauce for the pasta, shaped like a bitchy opera singer.
jutta, Jan 12 2010

       // No, it's an emissary from the Pope, in neoprene and SCUBA gear. //   

       Too late. The JW's have already been there.
RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2010


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