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One man bagpipe orchestra

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I have in mind a virtually infinite bagpipe orchestra, the master bagpipe controls the daisy-chained other ones, which become smaller, in a recursive format.

In a likewise fashion, the master bagpipe could control larger ones as well, for the vox dei bits.

Anyway, this is done by using the output air from the master to press on a lever which controls which holes are allowed to open in sub-bagpipe chanter, which then does the same to sub-sub bagpipe and so on.

Admittedly no actual human could manage the puff to do all of them at the same time, so possibly done by steam-driven compressor.

But, I won't drone on about it.

No orcs were harmed in the making of this.

not_morrison_rm, Dec 25 2014

One photo of before the the Great Collapsing Hrung disaster http://36.media.tum...A1s641lyo1_1280.jpg
..or possibly after, no one is quite sure [not_morrison_rm, Dec 25 2014]

prototype http://farm8.static...2957_8ce4e5f65d.jpg
vox dei pipes clearly visible in foreground [not_morrison_rm, Dec 25 2014]

Only remains of early 18th century steam bagpipes http://littletreasu...-Bagpipe-Museum.jpg
if only they'd had titanium and more precise machine tools, who can say which course history might have taken... [not_morrison_rm, Dec 25 2014]

Aerial photography of North Korean steam bagpipe test facility http://lh5.ggpht.co...255D.png?imgmax=800
victims clearly visible to the right, steam tubes outlets concealed by cheap plastic tents [not_morrison_rm, Dec 25 2014]


       This is not going to go down well, you know.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 25 2014

       Pipe down.
normzone, Dec 25 2014

       //This is not going to go down well   

       Assuming a rupture in the boiler, it could go down in flames, in a manner similar to Mount St. Helens..but with more droning...or even the Great Collapsing Hrung disaster.   

       Ibid: mildly shocked to realise this is more factually accurate than most Huffington Post articles.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 25 2014

       You can already buy electric chanters, with sensors instead of fingerholes.   

       All you need is a PoIP (piping over IP) interface, and a few tens of factories churning out networked electrically-blown midi pipes, and world domination is your avuncular bivale.
pocmloc, Dec 26 2014

       Without the bagpipes, this would be quite a good idea.
8th of 7, Dec 26 2014

       Without the idea it would be even better.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 26 2014

       //Without the idea it would be even better   

       Well, not much of an idea, so it must be better than it is. Hang on...
not_morrison_rm, Dec 26 2014

       There is good one thing about a one-man bagpipe band...
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 26 2014


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